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blankHong Kong Porcelain Painting Club
bullet The Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club (HKPPC) was founded on 6th October 1999 by Mrs. Rosemary Oh in cooperation with her students. It is a non-profit making Club, dedicated to the appreciation and enrichment of the art of painting on porcelain, while, at the same time, for raising funds for worthwhile charities.

The Korea Porcelain & Folkart Association
bullet For the best and for the art.
We study and practice until top of the world.
To be a member of KPNFA is the best way to the top class
china painting.

WOCP - World Organization Of China Painters

bullet Perpetuating the Ancient Art of China Painting...

IPAT- International Porcelain Artists & Teachers
bullet IPAT was founded in 1958 in Dallas, Texas by a small group
of Porcelain Art Teachers. Since that time the organization has been instrumental in stimulating international interest and appreciation for porcelain art through the Porcelain Artist
magazine and the IPAT Museum in Grapevine, Texas.

PPAA Schools
bullet PPAA is a prestigious group of internationally known painters, teachers and artists in the world of porcelain painting. Organized in America in 1970, it has become the leader in education for this fine art. Currently, PPAA operates 3 schools, New York, Michigan and Florida (opening 2010). Each school offers a comprehensive program with the PPAA teacher of choice, informative evening programs with prominent experts, all firing and room and board.

Soon Ok Lee
bullet President of Korea Porcelain Artist Association.
bullet phone: 82 10 9360 4308

Hélène Caputo
bullet Academie Internationale de Peinture de Nice

Joerg e Petra Kugelmeier
bullet Artistic porcelain-art and miniature-art,
Petra and Jörg Kugelmeier

Jill Smith – Artfilipe paint supplies
bullet Exclusive Distributor of Filipe Pereira Products for USA
and Canada.

Porcellana Più
Di Galuppini Rina & C.S.A.S.

bullet Brescia - Italia
bullet Porcellana Più
bullet info@porcellanapiu.it
bullet www.porcellanapiu.it